New Country? New Job? Mission Not so Impossible!

So, you have made the life changing decision to move to a different country. You have packed your bags, said your goodbyes, spent hours on the plane, shaken off the jetlag and now you are ready to start your job hunt. Moving from South Africa to Sydney at the beginning of 2016, I experienced the [...]

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5 Reactions to a Resignation

What reaction are you likely to get from your Manager after you resign? In a few cases your boss will be delighted for you, as they can see that the move you are making is a good one for you and the advancement of your career. That is an easy resignation. Unfortunately, sometimes you can [...]

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I’m Not Just Your Consultant but Your Business Partner Too!

Having been in the recruitment industry since 2011, I have developed many business relationships that have overtime morphed from recruiter and candidate to recruiter and hiring manager and vice versa. Placing candidates successfully into hiring manager positions, can be the best form of business development, allowing recruiters to secure future business from that placement, or [...]

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Hi, I’m Sally from people2people and I wanted to talk today about some tips on how to prepare for a job interview. The first piece of interview advice consultants at people2people give to candidates is do your research! And being well prepared shows enthusiasm and professionalism. Researching the company is key. Get an understanding of [...]

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So Do Why Do You Work Here?

Lately I have been interviewing many potential employees as we continue to grow the p2p team. During almost every interview I am asked “why do you work here?” and “what’s kept you here so long?”, and it got me thinking – what is it really that attracts people to join your organisation, and importantly what [...]

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I’m Calling Up About the Job I’ve Seen Posted Online

As many job seekers know, when you are searching online for your next position, at the end of the job advertisement you will often see something along the lines of “please call me for a confidential discussion…” When you dial that number to speak with the person, this is your first opportunity to make a [...]

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My Week at people2people

Hi my name is Soifua, and I am year 12 student. After completing my Business Service VET course, I did not know anything about people2people; but I do now! This company has taught me invaluable skills. Although I am very much into science and am considering becoming a Doctor in the future, this business environment [...]

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Working Holiday Visa Eligibility Update

Despite a flurry of political activity in this area in late 2016, there is nothing substantial to report at the moment in relation to the Working holidaymaker Visa (WHV) program. There appears to be little political will to push through any of the slated changes in the near future (there are no Bills currently before [...]

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The Five Office Personality Types

Working in an office environment with numerous personalities can be both rewarding and challenging. Can you spot the different personality types? Here are five of them! The Road Runner This person is easy to spot – or are they? The Road Runner is characterised by their impatient demeanour and constant ability to run late for [...]

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Rise of the Robots

It’s 7.00pm on a Friday night and you’ve met a group of friends for dinner at your favourite restaurant. Sorry, did I say actual people? I meant Facebook/Instagram/Twitter friends or followers… Now I’m not ‘hating on’ technology at all. Of course we wouldn’t be able to do so many of the things we can today [...]

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